001.    [OBJECTIVE]

To develop a new brand which implements compelling visual elements in a variety of media that work together as a cohesive system. Identify the brand's audience and stakeholders, and then found and create a certain style or system to demonstrate the concept. The whole brand needs to have a consistent visual style. Develop a multi-media system. The format, type and photo style have to work as an entirety.

Bad Cheese

“MOOtrition" Non-dairy Food Brand

002.    [CONCEPT]

My topic is about educating people about the consumption of dairy products. I called my project "Mootrition",  because I use nutrition as a place for starting educational. My campaign target audience is people 15-45 who consume dairy products. Thus, the main black and white color are represented mature and scientific style. By showing people nutritional comparison information between dairy food and its alternatives, the project advocates that people start a non-dairy food life. 

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