001.    [OBJECTIVE]

To challenge the approach to basic principles of typography and explore new innovative ways to communicate with text and image. Chose an interesting topic from "This American Life" radio talk show and design a book that represents both its topic and its emotions in an appropriate way. The format, type, color choice, and image choice all need to match with the content of the topic.

Top Secret 

“My Undesirable Telnet”Book

002.    [CONCEPT]

I chose "My Undesirable talent" as my book topic. The book talks about three different stories of people who have a useless or bad talent. Each story is funny, crazy and curious. Each character in the stories is like a super hero in a motion picture. I used the style of a top-secret documentary as the visual metaphor for the book. Each story has its own folder and color. I use a lot of lines and graphic elements to create a chaotic feeling. Each layout is unique. 

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