001.    [OBJECTIVE]

To visually and verbally understand identity and branding as it relates to a variety of businesses and their organizational structures. By investigating what defines the personality of a defunct brand, rebuild a solid identity for a business through the creation and execution of brand and identity programs. The new created visual identity is based on the original brand spirit along with its visual guidelines. 

Up From the Ashes

“DeLorean” Brand Identity

002.    [CONCEPT]

DeLorean was an American automobile manufacturer known for its car that was featured in the film Back to the Future. DeLorean tried to reinvent the American auto industry. In order to expand the future vision of this company, the new DeLorean will get into the several other industries, such as education, medical and retail. Because the core of the new DeLorean is creative and inventive, I redesigned their logo as a phoenix which represents the company reborn from its ashes. The flame and the fire of the phoenix will light up the future for humanity’s development. I chose red as the main color for the entire brand, because red represents the passion, courage and the spirit of innovation.

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