001.    [OBJECTIVE]

To develop the thinking skills necessary to conceive unique design solutions. Find an interesting topic to visualize. Then, make a collage book that relates with the topic. During the process, use any material that works for the topic, like ink, acrylic paint, plastic, metal, film, paper, glass and so on. Explore visual communications from a variety of historical, social and cultural contexts.

Butterfly Wings

Collage & Illustrator Book

002.    [CONCEPT]

The collage book that I made is called “Time Wave.” It tells a story I wrote about a girl named Matilda who uses a time machine to travel back to WWII and changes the course of the war. I set the whole design style of it into the world of steam-punk. Steam-punk represents a golden industrial age, and it also represents how the industry changed the world. The material that I found for collages are steam-punk illustrations, as well as old newspapers and wallpaper from the last century. After I finished the collage, I used Photoshop to overlay some of my collages together to make a more mysterious and fantastical feeling.

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