001.    [OBJECTIVE]

Graphic design has always worked in close concert with technical innovation. Designers must have the ability to use any means at their disposal to get their ideas across. This project is about using graphic design skills to explore the limitations and possibilities of numerous user experience, such as websites, apps for mobile devices and more.

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Travel Management App

002.    [CONCEPT]

As an international student, it is hard for me to find interesting places to visit when I first come to a new area. My app is about helping newcomers get involved in a new place or culture much faster. My app has a function to introduce famous places and events based on the needs of the users. It helps users avoid dangerous places and find the best and fastest ways to go. The “make accompany” function will allow users to add a friend as a partner to supervise the entire trip remotely when the user is traveling alone. Even though the partner is at home, he/she can get real-time information to keep the traveler safe.

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