001.    [OBJECTIVE]

​​​This project is a graduate MFA thesis. It requires the student to define a social problem, conduct research through a variety of methods, including questionnaires, interviews and observations, in order to envision the desired end state and how it may be achieved.

002.    [APPROACH]

Circle of Life

Intergenerational Care Branding

During the thesis program, I developed an appropriate visual system by exploring design solutions and making prototypes. The basics on the rule of the visual system was to design certain deliverables to educate people about the brand topic, the concept and deliverables, such us an event design, posters, website and books.

003.    [CONCEPT]

My topic is about intergenerational care. Nowadays, aging generally becomes one of the big problems in the world. More and more seniors live in nursing homes. And the nursing house system begins to show serious problems. The psychological problems of seniors are one of them, which hasn’t been paid attention to for a while. During my research, I found that most seniors feel disconnected with others and feel isolated. They desire the company of others and psychology care. In order to solve the problem, I created All Present.

The All Present program is about integrating nursing homes and preschools together. Seniors and children could meet on certain days of the week to have special activities together, like drawing, playing instruments, storytelling and so on. By doing so, seniors will have the company of children. At the same time, children will be able to learn some social skills. The goal of my thesis project will be promoting and educating this kind of mode for nursing homes, to create a win-win intergenerational care system.

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