001.    [OBJECTIVE]

To fully integrate messaging across any medium. Based on an original director's visual language, develop an appropriate visual system for an entire film festival. Coordinate a complex set of materials that work well together. Deliver a unified and holistic aesthetic. This aesthetic must contain the essence of the director and the unique film festival visual style.

​​Block Out the Light

Brian De Palma's Film Festival

002.    [CONCEPT]

"Seek in the Dark" is the film festival that I designed for Brian De Palma. I selected five of his psychological and crime thrillers. I used a documents format from the police to represent the visual system. The irregular paper size represents the evidence collected. Metal binding represents tension. The dominate grey blue color creates a cold and serious feel. De Palma subjugates women because in most of his movies. The victims are always women. This gives me a chance to create another crucial element in the design, the woman's body. The body parts of the victims are intriguing and monstrous, which create a cruel aesthetic that matches with the feeling of Brian's films. Half-tones add more mystery to the design. Most of the half-tone elements are covering the victims' identities.

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